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Well, to my amazement, some people have seen it fit to give my page some awards!

My thanks to LadySandra! This award means the world to me.

Another beautiful award! Thanks tons Laurie!

Thanks so much Casharion, this award is very special to me. The email that was sent to me made me feel truly wonderful and so I have decided to include some of it here (call it trying to boost my ego, but reading it keeps me inspired).

Congratulations! Kala, your site WYLDE'S LITERATURE CORNER has been awarded WarmEmbers' Literary Soul Award, for your Outstanding gift of written expression, and you have indeed set my soul on fire, I felt the love and inspiration flow from your pages like healing oil. This Award is reserved for sites that can touch the soul, I am honored to have had the privilege of visiting yours.

A truly wonderful award, thanks the to Freaksrus Family

Thanks to my Innder Dreams Sister/Webmistress, Jasmine!

A very warm thank you to Janet at Fantasy Inspirations for her kind words and her lovely award!

"You won the Award of Excellence, your site is beautiful!!"