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What would we do
without our friends?

I hate to sound self-absorbed or any of that type of thing,
but I have quite a few friends and I'd really like to make
sure that they know that I care because I know that I don't
tell them enough.
I'm going to try to remember everyone, and I hope that I
don't forget anyone, but if I do just remember that life means
nothing without friends!

Cheekyminx aka Extcey

My dearest friend and sister from down under.
What on earth would I do without you?
Always there for yours truly, telling me to look
deeper within myself to find the extra bit
of strength to carry on. My light and my strength
and one of the most beautiful people I know.
Rick doesn't know what a gem he's found.
Love ya Lisa!
*big hug*

Madcapmagician aka Beady

My dear big brother - or is that
bother? - from London *grins* Always there
to pick up the pieces, and always willing to have an extra
smoke for me *smiles*
Always on the run as well, you never know where
he's gonna be, and where your next postcard is
coming from. My most heartfelt thanks and love to
you big bro.
*muckles you nicely*

Paladin aka Coeur d'or
(or just plain bro)
Darn good friend and big brother,
we always end up having intelligent arguements
*grins* which I win *hehehehe*. He's always
telling me that it's all good, sometimes I
actually believe him. Never afraid to curse at
my computer *smiles*. And even with all this I
still love him. Remember what you promised me
big brother?

The Country Angel
(TCA for short)

Sorta my sister/niece..*grins* Well she's
Tiger's "daughter"
And since I'm his sister....Makes sense!
*smiles* A great friend without whom I'd
be seriously lost.
Love you sis! Stay cool!
*mumbles something about
smelling something fishy*

Radioactive_Fish aka Fishy

A big fan of Enya, cars and TCA *grins*
Helped me a lot when I started my website,
giving me advice and encouragement.
Thanks bro, and you'd better appreciate my sis!

LadySandra aka Lady

A hug to the other Sandy. My inspiration
in building my webpage, a great sister
and friend and an upholder of

the spirit that is Moonlight Way.
lways working towards a good cause.
Love ya sis!

Beaute Fatale aka GEL

The first of us to really go ahead and do
the website thing, and wow, what a website
(or should that be sites?) Another inspiration
to me in my adventures as a wed technician.
A great friend, who works too hard,
but who's efforts have had amazing results.
Love ya sis!

Tia_39 aka RUTempted
(or just trish)

My dear sister who has this innocence
complex *grins* Love her dearly
and I'm dead glad she's got herself
a new puter because mw isn't the same
without her.
*smiles most innocently*

Kiwi aka Cyn

A great person and friend who
has done great things with images
and thus most of our webpages.
Where's mine sis? *lol*
Remember that we're all your
friends no matter what.
*licks you nicely*

(known also as Andrea)
One of the first members of MW that
I met, another Auzzie girl who
has a heart of gold and a great
sense of humour. Stay cool sis!
*hugs ya tight*

Tiger aka Rob

My first FUGLY bro, never forget
how much fun we had in MW in the days
of old. Good memories never fade, they only
make way for new one's,
which we gotta make.
He tought me a few things, the main
one being that the Packer's rule! *grins*
Thank you for being who you are.


My bestus bro, who's always ready
to join in a good fight, and who taught
me how to brew good beer *grins*.
he is the keeper and founder of
the "Wall of Fame" on which MW's
famous weapons are kept in
top condition just waiting to be used
once again to
defeat the defiler's of the Way.
Unfortunately our dear brother has no
access to a puter at the moment so our
attacks have been sorely missed.
Love ya tons bro.


SlapUSilly aka CRAZY

My first axe victim in MW who
became one of my best friends and
guitar partners. Sometimes things
were just meant to be I guess.
Thanks for being a great buddy
and putting up with my love for
stairway to heaven.


One of my relatively
new friends on the net,
he also helped me
tremendously with my
by giving me support
nd encouragement. What
would life have
been without
you? Thanks for not
letting me find out.

MachinegunKatie aka Katie

A great bud who's always bust taking care
of a member of her real family
and of those suffering in MW.
She was born to nurse and
she's really great.


Married to katie and one of the
FUGLY bro's, how you you possibly
not like the guy?
He has a serious sense of humour
and a contagious laugh.
Keep smiling!


The first person to welcome
me into MW, my first bud
in the family, and
one of my very best.
The poor girl has been banned by
her parents from the puter
(wonder why? hehehe) and she is
seriously missed. No matter
what, we still
love ya sis.

Porpiose aka Sam

One of my best online and
real life buddies, a new member
of the family, introduced
via the ongoing chain email
Love ya bud! Stay cool!

Debl_Woman aka Danny

A realy good friend who has
pushed me along when I've been really
down and out about my choice
of career. She now has a beautiful
baby daughter, whom she
loves to bits.
Take care sis,
and don't work too hard *grins*

Well those are all the people I can think of, if I've forgotten you
and you're my bud, email me and I'll apologise profusely *grins*

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