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Who am I? That is a question that I often ask myself, the answer takes many forms, many of which I cannot truly pinpoint. But for you Iíll try. Youth is part of who I am, no matter how old I am, no matter how old I shall become, youth is something I shall never loose. I love many things, being a typical Sagittarius, and so my life is full of emotional upheaval, but itís me and I love it. Music is also a large part of me, I canít live without it and so, therefore I spend way too much money on CDís and musical equipment. I like to be around people also and so I have many friends whom I love and who, Iíd like to think, love me in return. Fun loving, free-spirited and gregarious and full of philosophy that means nothing, thatís how Iíd like to describe myself, whether itís a one sided view or a correct view is up to interpretation. I love life, even though sometimes I have hard times, and I donít know if itís the right way to be but itís me and so itís right. I read somewhere that any decision you make is the right one for you at that time, later is a different story though, but Iíd like to think that the decisions I make are the right ones. I have one true motto in life, it makes every day worth living because it makes me get my lazy butt out of bed and into the real world: ď We regret more the things we didnít do, than those we did.Ē So do the things you've been meaning to do, an va bien s'amuse!
Choose life!
Love always,

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Last updated 10 October 1998

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