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Hallowe'en Jokes!

Hallowe'en just isn't the same without the corny, kiddie jokes that we all love to hate, so I've collected a few for your breakfast enjoyment (pun intended *g*)!


How do ghosts begin letters?
Tomb it may concern...

Why did the wizard mix things in his cauldron?
His microwave was being repaired!

What's Draculas favourite pet?
A bloodhound!

What do spooks eat in the interval?

What was the bald man looking for on Halloween?
A hair raising expereince!

Why was Frankenstein taking asprin?
He had a monstrous Headache!

What advice should you give Frankenstein if he has a stiff neck?
Loosen up a little!

Who turned the lights down?
Some dim-witted montser!

What kind of music was inspired by mummies?
Wrap Music!

Who's the best dancer at a monster party?
The Boogie man!

What do witches use to mend their clothes?
A pumpkin patch!

What does a witch get for being really, really bad?
Lots of a-warts!


If you have any other jokes that you feel would benefit this page, please email me, all I ask is that you keep them clean! This site is "child proof"! To visit the sites from which these jokes originated, go to my "thanks" page and you will find the links!